As Pure as Gold


Contrary to the popular stereotype in our culture, there are men who fight for purity, men who win the gold! They’ve committed their bodies and minds to obey restraints required by their embraced virtues. They will be attracted to the same time of woman.

         My first love did not want to kiss until his wedding day. Well, our love needed to marry and couldn’t, so we perished in the bedroom and on the lips. He was attracted to me as my virtues matched his well. Purity. Saving our bodies and the gift of sex for one person verses the much popular and repetitive one night stands. I knew his heart before we consummated our love, so this is why it breaks mine that I couldn’t hold him true to his word. Though it takes two to tango, I forgot our dance and that led to him lusting out of love, and we loving out of lust. Like poison, our sex before marriage was.

 When I dressed provocatively for him, he understood I was interested in our sex. Our respectful relationship faded like smoke. Darkened, and gone with the wind. My values, virtues, and assets beyond the bedroom were stained by his blood, and his by mine. 


 One thing I wish I could have been strong enough to change was being of temptation to him; was changing his mind from a strong fighter to a weak sexual being. My inner person was so empty, bare, and bankrupt that I felt I had nothing to offer a virtuous man. He the same. We no longer viewed ourselves as virtuous, let alone each other.


His heart is as pure as gold. I’ve recommitted my body to my husband, whoever that may be. One regret I have in my twenty-one years of existence, is not respecting responsibly a virtue my loved one valued. 


My attitude, presentation and point of view as changed forever! My heart has been restored as pure as gold. I only hope the same for him.




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