Make Alive those Dead


I asked her name. That was the only question she’d easily answered. When I’d asked her dreams, her hobbies, her passion: silence fell with a rough studded stumble from her mind to her mouth, “I’m pretty boring.” she said “I stay at home with my boyfriend, we get out to visit family now-and-then, however, rarely friends. As we can only count those with almost one hand.”

“Darling, allow me to rephrase your answer. You enjoy stability with your best friend, the one that you love! You are family oriented so much, that you don’t find making new friends a tall importance. When you pursue relationships and friendships, you have tunnel vision. You give your entire self to something you’ve pursued. So much of yourself to your significant other, so much to your family and your three friends, that you don’t want to waste any love on someone you may consider questionable. You are not hurt too often, you live peacefully and certainly in bliss, because you have your boundaries. You have your trust placed where you trust it to be sitting. You are simple minded and stable.”

When we change as much as our words and point of view, how our world might change. She sees herself in a different lighting now, my coworker. Her eyes shine brighter, her chin is up and her shoulders back. A pretty picture painted by optimism.


Present your words well and make alive those dead.




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