I Choose Who I’ll Be


Mirror, mirror 

How do I continue my life in this story book?

If it took them one glance, would they turn completely to look?

Mirror, mirror

Often I do presume that appearance is not everything, however certainly something

Color therapy does wanders, and for some; nothing.

Mirror, mirror

I was “Vivia” in Kansas City! Flirty, thriving, confident, well-known extrovert!

“Kayla” is what they prefer in Minnesota, however all newbies, I’ll proclaim in an echoing introduction, “My name is Vivia!”

Vivian: Lively, Alive, Flourishing

I feel just so.

Concerning color therapy, concerning the impact and memory I’m able to leave on others 

In life, in business, in fun,

Mirror, mirror

Prepare yourself for a red head.

The appointment is made.

You may see people’s priorities by looking at their checkbook.


Often, I’ll hold onto any reason for me to gift myself

My priority is stability and to feel and remain “Vivia”



Who I am is who I want to be,

Mirror, mirror

Prepare for red to portray a brighter picture of me!


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