If you had $1 million at your disposal to give away, what would you do with the money?


I’d like to say my first action would be to give to those in need,

However I know how trying that is.

I’d need the money to be out of sight, to be out of mind, firstly and for a while

Without it in sight,

I know I would give it away to my dreams

Rather than a tattoo,

Rather than a new hair coloring,

Rather than rent and other bills,

Plane tickets and clothing,

I’d build my safe house.

A lighthouse looking building 

Each floor designed to train women in the arts,

Women who’ve been sexually trafficked, abused, exposed…

They’d build their resume here. They’d live here.

They’d meet opportunity to start all over here.

They’d be restored back to a place of honor,

Back to a place of recognizing who they are what they live for.

I would give away $1 million to nurturing the abused.


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