What Color Best Describes Your Life? Why?


Green. I have seen green over my life before I recognized it was before me.




When I’ve traveled willingly, and sometimes fearfully into the unknown all alone

I’ve drowned each time

In twenty-three houses I’ve lived

In hurtful situations I’ve lingered while prospering

Looking forward to the new change

Watching that boat drown or sail from me in the next moment

Green: A color of peace by its power to relieve stress…

It was my help, the color of my Savior



I’ve sat in it

In the midst of its new life; Spring

A new season, a different story

I looked at its beauty and inhaled its freshness

I watched as it changed to blue




A midst playing the damsel in distress

I grew creative

Calmed evermore and happily blue

My artistic abilities were inflamed by this deep, electrifying, enticing hue


Creatively, I moved forward

New adventures, new ideas, new dreams

The same dreams of the old,

When I was a little girl

Now growing as a flower

From the dirt to the sun

A peace passing all understanding

Brought me to be this way.

Green to blue is my life hue.




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